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The most useful collection of essential writing advice for smart writers


Get essential advice on all kinds of writing:  fiction writing, non-fiction writing, business writing, and online writing, in one compact compilation.


An author ought to write for the youth of his own generation, the critics of the next, and the schoolmasters of ever afterwards.
F. Scott Fitzgerald



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What's inside


1. Advice from 27 Great Writers

George Orwell
Ernest Hemingway
Kurt Vonnegut
Elmore Leonard
Robert Heinlein
Stephen King
Mark Twain
Anton Chekhov
VS Naipaul
John Steinbeck
JG Ballard
Jack Kerouac
Zadie Smith
Raymond Chandler
Bertrand Russell
James Thurber
Joan Didion
Hunter S. Thomson
Truman Capote
Will Self
Margaret Atwood
Malcolm Gladwell
Michael Lewis
E.B. White
HL Mencken
David Hare
Seth Godin

2. 25 More Writing Rules
3. A Simple Guide to Persuasive Writing
4. The Basic Dramatic Structure
The 36 Dramatic Situations

5. Tips for General and Business Writing
How to Write a Thank-You Note
The Seven Essentials of Great Business Communication
Writing memos
Writing Letters and E-mails
Writing Business Reports
Writing Press Releases

6. Writing Online
Seven kinds of online stories you should be doing often
How to write well online
How to turn your blog into a book

7. Main tips from three Good Books on Writing
General Writing - On Writing Well by William Zinsser
Writing Fiction - On Writing by Stephen King
Writing News and Non-fiction Writing to deadline in 10 minutes by Donald Murray

8. 50 Creative Writing Prompts
9. Useful Writing Acronyms

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The Bible of Business Writing: How to write memos, letters, e-mails, press releases, business reports, newsletters, articles and tip sheets
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Writing lessons from Writing to Deadline - The Journalist at Work
The Writing Wisdom of William Zinsser

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